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Integracast Holding

Integracast Holding

Investing in the future

Investing in the future

After successful track record in media technology and Media technical integrations, Integracast switched its core business to become a venture capital fund interested. 

Investing in the future is our primary goal by working in digital and sustainable sectors, such as Digital media technologies, Clean technologies and other industries. 



Invistments Portofolio

Investments portfolio


We decided to invest in the future, from futuristic media technologies to cleantech all would lead to sustainable and smart future that we want to be part of building it.

Sulventure is a Clean Technology developer and manufacturer, on a mission to find solutions for a sustainable future, Providing Sustainable and cost reduction Solutions to those who don’t have access to it and to everyone looking for economic cost reductions, environmental friendly tools.

Our goal is to reach 1.2 billion human beings who are living without sustainable electricity resources.

Imagine the new ideas, solutions, and opportunities by giving them the power to go beyond basic needs.

Sulventure aims to create sustainable solutions for empowered future.

iQurious is an advanced media technology Product Suite that utilises cutting-edge technologies such as Automatic

Speech Recognition (ASR), Machine Translation (MT), Hybrid Machine Translation (HMT), and Automatic Meta-Data

generation to bring breakthrough solutions for media companies.

With customizable, scalable, and flexible

products, it is possible to integrate and implement iQurious products across industries and for different requirements.

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Tel: +971 4 3625409 | P.O Box 72102

Concord tower Office 807 Media city, Dubai, UAE 

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