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The Battery hub by Integracast

Who We are

The battery hub is a leading research and service facility that work with lead experts globally to find the best solution and adapt it to the market needs, our team working between Dubai and Amman at this phase to create a massive data bank to understand the missing information about battery consumption is different industries. 

The Battery Hub is proudly the home for This award-winning Japanese technology from “Battery Bank systems”. 

"Total Battery Maintenance Systems" is acknowledged as being favourable to the earth's total environment. 

Comparing to manufacturing battery, restoring battery uses 95% less energy. The CO2 emissions amount is also 95% less.

The core technology in Total Battery Maintenance Systems is "Multistage Multi-Loop Method Cycle Recovery Active Charger Systems".


A Global standard of Battery Maintenace Technologies

  • Extensive software based on hundreds of battery troubleshooting.

  • Making diagnoses of the remaining capacity zone of the battery.

  • Making diagnoses of both charger and discharger profiles.

  • Unique recovery technology of cell balance.


Diagnosis technologies

  • Measuring and recording the profiles of batteries in operation, our unique battery diagnosis systems analysis batteries.

  • The deteriorating level is shown in front of you.

  • Duration of battery life at the diagnosis point can be calculated.

Recovery technologies

  • Unique cycle recovery technology.

  • Unique recovery technology of cell balance.

  • Replacement of batteries getting close to the real operating life.

Our services

Research Centre 

- Energy storage lab application for scientific research.

- To establish a centre to offer different types of training courses and consulting services related to battery testing and service solutions.

Technical Service centre 

- A leading service centre for testing newly admitted batteries in the market and give a certification of its quality and match of the claimed usage. 

- To form a practical base for battery service activities by building a battery c and introducing new battery recover and rechargers.

- Provide technology licencing for other approved service centres.

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